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SERIALS PUBLICATIONS is active in building a robust peer reviewed journal collection across all areas the subject . We strongly encourage suggestions for new journals that reflect or extend the range of our publishing. If you would like to discuss starting a new journal, please provide us with information on the points listed below in a formal proposal to: . We will evaluate the proposal, and if the proposal is accepted, we will be happy to start working with you right away on the new journal. The EIC will be on volunteer (non-remunerative) basis.

Editor-In-Chief (EIC) Job Description

The EIC is the chairman of the Editorial Board. In general, the EIC is responsible for the technical content, quality, and timeliness of the journal issues. The EIC is generally NOT responsible for the layout, printing, production, subscription, copyright, payment, pricing, budget, or funding of the journal. Those tasks are accomplished by the Production Editor who serves as a liaison between the EIC and the publisher.

Specifically, the EIC has executive responsibility for:

  1. Defining and updating the aims, scope, and list of interesting topics of the Journal.
  2. Determining overall policies of the Journal, including the Journals style, type of content, frequency of publication, length of issue and paper, intended audiences, and expected contributors.
  3. Establishing  editorial guidelines and detailed process, determining policies concerning the acceptance and rejection of submissions.
  4. Recruiting, selecting, and appointing Editorial Board members.
  5. Soliciting and obtaining manuscript submissions from prospective authors.
  6. Assigning paper refereeing to the appropriate editor, coordinating the peer-review process, setting and enforcing deadlines.
  7. Interacting with editors for receipt of reviews, recommendation, decision, etc.
  8. Interacting with authors for receipt of manuscripts, paper revisions, editorial feedback, etc.
  9. Making final decisions on paper selection, based on reviews, recommendations, and/or votes of reviewers.
  10. Accepting final manuscripts for each issue, and timely sending them to the Production Editor for publication.
  11. Soliciting and interacting with Guest Editors for Special Issues that focus on a particular topic or for highlighted conferences.
  12. Setting and adhering to all publication schedules that include a minimum number of issues per year.
  13. Responding to all correspondence with authors, editors, reviewers, and readers, forwarding correspondence as needed.
  14. Writing or delegating the writing of editorials, articles, status reports, and other materials as appropriate.

If you are interested then I request you to kindly send your CV along with the some of the suggested titles for the journal.

Your Sincerely,
For Serials Publications,

Vijay Jha
Managing Editor